5 Year Limited Warranty

PT. NAGAEMAS (“Manufacturer”) warrants that its Destination Green™ products are manufactured from recycled teak wood and high density polyethylene plastic, and will not rot, split, splinter, or suffer structural damage from fungal decay for a period of 5 years under normal use and conditions.

Purchaser acknowledges that Destination Green™ is not structural lumber and there for it may not be used as such. Purchaser is responsible for the application of Destination Green™ product, and if application of product meets building codes for areas.
Destination Green™ is not responsible for, and warranty will not be covered for:

(1) Improper installation of, and failure to follow Destination Green™ installation guidelines; including but not limited to spacing;
(2) Mold or mildew;
(3) Misuse of Destination Green™ or improper storage, handling, abuse or neglect of Destination Green by purchaser or transferee;
(4) Termite damage which does not affect the product;
(5) Improper use of Destination Green™ resulting from the product not being used according to building/safety codes;
(6) Acts of nature (such as flooding, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, lightning, etc.);
(7) Slight Colour change or fading of Destination Green™ products is Possible;
(8) Any shift, movement, distortion, or settling of the ground upon which Destination Green products are installed;
(9) Normal wear and tear.
(10) Stains can occur it is recommended to use a soap and a hard brush to clean the surface

Procedure for making a claim under Destination Green 5 year warranty:
To make a claim under this limited warranty, purchaser or transferee shall send a description of claim, photographs and proof of purchase to the following address:

Attn: Warranty Dept

After reviewing all information, PT. NAGAEMAS will determine the validity of the claim submitted. If it is determined that the claim is valid, PT. NAGAEMAS will, at its sole option, either replace the affected item or refund the portion of the purchase price paid (not including the cost of its initial installation).
Replacement material will be provided as close in color and design to original; however PT. NAGAEMAS does not guarantee an exact match as colors and designs may change.

If PT. NAGAEMAS is providing replacement materials or refund of purchase price, we may elect to replace the percentage listed below:
Destination Green products from purchase date through year two (2) must be installed in strict accordance with installation instructions. If determined to have rot, split, splinter, stains (after cleaning), check, or suffer structural damage from fungal decay or termites as a direct result from manufacturing defect, PT. NAGAEMAS will provide the owner with replacement products for the products that have been determined defective (excluding removal or disposal of products).
Valid warranty claims during year one (1) through five ( 5)after the original purchase will be prorated as indicated below. This warranty shall not cover and PT. NAGAEMAS will not be responsible for costs and expenses incurred with respect to the removal of affected product or the installation of replacement materials, including but not limited to, labour and freight after the first two (2) years of warranty.


Year Percentage Refunded
1 100%
2 80%
3 60%
4 40%
5 20%